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About Music Lessons

I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to inspire his students.  So this means that I do not use a one size fits all approach.  Different students have different learning styles and each student will respond to different motivational techniques.  I have found that there has to be a delicate balance between learning the skills that are necessary and learning the songs or genre that most interest the student.  I teach students how to be proficient in sight-reading, ear training, and music theory.  All three are necessary to becoming a well-rounded musician.

Each lesson is tailored to fit each student’s goals and specific needs.  This is meant to be a collaborative effort between teacher, student, and parent (if applicable).  One of the reasons I decided to teach music is the fact that I love it so much.  I believe lessons and practice should be fun.  Does that mean it will not be difficult at times?  Certainly not.  Every student reaches a point where what they are being asked to do requires concentrated focus and practice.  However, if they continue to take direction and stay committedthey will soon enjoy the benefits of their work.

Private Studio Lessons

These lessons are one-on-one instructional sessions that take place here in my private studio in Mint Hill NC.  I encourage parents to sit in during lessons and I also give regular feedback so both student and parent can track progress.  Private one-on-one instruction has long been proven as the most effective way to achieve mastery of a musical instrument.

In Home Skype Lessons

This option is for intermediate to advanced guitarists and bassists only.  While on-line music lessons are nothing new, using video conferencing software (like Skype), now provides a way to make on-line lessons truly interactive.  Learning something by watching a video can be effective, but what if you could talk one-on-one with the instructor?  What if you could ask a question or address a puzzling problem in real time all from the comfort of your own home? Now you can.  The software is free and easy to use.  This is a very exciting way to use technology to do something that would have been impossible in the past.

Whichever you choose, don’t hesitate.  I am here to answer any questions or concerns you have.